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We send farts to your friends for you!

Dr. Stink explains Fart By Mail

People Smell Farts at Comikaze 2015

How does it work?

We start with a stunning professionally printed, high gloss, full color greeting card.

You customize the greeting card with a personal message for your friend (or enemy).

An awful fart smell is released when the card is opened.

A 10 second fart sound plays when the card is opened.

The greeting card is hermetically sealed in a crystal clear polyethylene envelope for freshness.

No worrying about finding postage. Fart By Mail mails the card for you via USPS first class mail.

Choose Standard or Stealth


Dr. Stink puts fun warnings on the outside. 


Dr. Stink leaves no message about the fart inside.

Dr. Stink’s warnings and messages may vary from package to package.

Why send a Fart By Mail?

Unique and Convenient

Fart By Mail mail order farts are a unique and convenient way to share a sentimental message from a distance. You won’t find a greeting card at Hallmark that makes fart sounds and smells.


When was the last time you received a fart in the mail? Oh, never? Yep, that’s what we thought. Mail sometimes stinks, but no one expects a fart!

Saves You Time and Money

Sure, you could buy a jar, fart in the jar, buy a greeting card, package them, wait in line at the post office, and send the fart jar and greeting card for a premium...but who has time for that?! And, what about the fart sound? We streamlined a turn key system for sending farts in the mail so you can sit back and send a fart from anywhere you have internet access.


"It works, they can send you a fart in the mail...It smelled like someone shit in a card."

Brian Posehn, California

"[M]y mom's husband handed it to my mom right before bed. She called me was a hit"

R.M., California

"Heard about you on my local radio station…the two hosts were talking about it and saying what a great idea it was and I'm like ‘hell yeah it is!!!’ My friend in California just got hers last night...she was rolling on the floor laughing...I LOVE IT"

K.P., California

"The card I sent at the holidays was great...thanks!"

R.F., Virginia

"My order was received in Texas with a hilarious response!"

We ship via USPS First Class mail from California. USPS estimates delivery in the USA to take 2-3 days. However, in our experience it actually takes 2-8 days depending on destination. During the holiday seasons delivery time may be doubled. USPS does not provide an estimate on delivery time for international orders; however, they usually take 1-2 weeks.

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