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Special Valentine's Day Fart By Mail $8.99
The true symbol of intimacy.
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The Forever Fart $1,000 Gift Basket
Forever Fart Gift Basket On this Valentine’s Day, breathe deep and remember the time when your relationship first achieved this level of comfort and intimacy. The subtle aromas and complex flavors in this basket will take your senses on an olfactory and gustatory roller coaster of romance. Dr. Stink has assembled his favorite odiferous food products in a truly memorable gift basket suitable for the most discerning connoisseurs of malodorous delicacies. Each Forever Fart Gift Basket item is shown below. Because these items are perishable, they will be shipped overnight the day before Valentine’s Day in an insulated Styrofoam package.
The Forever Fart
This elegant bottle made from fine Italian glass, contains an odiferous formula for loved ones to cherish fond memories of past flatulence. A pair of matching wine glasses accompany The Forever Fart so you can let it breathe and savor the fragrance. When finished, the bottle should be displayed as a romantic keepsake. The engraving "The Forever Fart" will serve as a constant reminder of your deep bond of love. The Forever Fart Glass Bottle and Matching Glasses
Durian – The King of Fruits
Durian The King of Fruits This Southeast Asian delicacy is widely known for its powerful odor reminiscent of soiled diapers and rotting meat wrapped in a filthy sock. The scent is so potent that the Durian is usually prohibited on trains, busses, and airplanes in Southeast Asia. Despite its unusual aroma, the taste is rich and sweet like fine custard worthy of a royal palate. Dr. Stink prefers to make his Durian into a decadent ice cream.
Century Egg
Borne of an ancient need to preserve food for long periods, a duck egg is soaked in tea, salt, and sodium carbonate for approximately 10 days and then aged for several weeks to create this Chinese culinary curiosity. Once peeled your nose will be struck by flatulence like smells of sulfur and distinct notes of ammonia. The flavor is equally unique, embodying strong earthy notes and pungent hints of rotten cheese. Dr. Stink warns, this is only for the truly adventurous eater. Century Egg Preserved Duck Eggs
Fine French Farmhouse Cheese
Soumaintrain Cheese and Carr's Water Table Crackers Soumaintrain and Epoisses cheese have long been favorites of Dr. Stink for their rich complex flavors and devastatingly pungent aromas. Your basket will contain one of the two cheeses as an added surprise. To help enjoy the experience, a box of Carr’s plain Table Water Crackers is included to spread your exotic cheese on without interfering with their distinct flavor profile.
Kimchi – Korea’s National Dish
This high fiber, low calorie dish consists of gas inducing cabbage fermented in a spicy mix of seasonings. To accompany the robust flatulence like emanations, kimchi offers distinctly sour and pungent flavors. Dr. Stink personally consumes kimchi several times a week to enjoy the healthful benefits from the high concentration of the digestive bacteria lactobacilli. Mat Kimchi
Caviar Internationally recognized as one of the most luxurious delicacies, Caviar is a savory aggregate of salt cured fish eggs. Dr. Stink prefers to consume caviar straight from the jar with a mother of pearl spoon (not included) to preserve the intricate flavor profile. Savor this indulgence with your loved one.
Natto – Fermented Soybeans
Natto is a popular Japanese breakfast food and one of Dr. Sitnk’s frequent healthful indulgences. These exquisitely slimy fermented soybeans possess an earthy and putrescent odor profile. Enjoy a slightly sour taste with subtle bleu cheese flavors. Magumi Natto Fermented Soybeans
Fresh Wild Caught Mackerel
Wild Caught Fresh Mackerel Get out your fry pan or spark the grill for this nutritious, savory, and very oily fish. But be sure to open your kitchen windows because this fish’s potent aroma has a habit of lingering in the air when left out or cooked. Mackerel’s unparalleled taste and smell make it Dr. Stink’s first choice at the local seafood market.
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