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Q: I can fart, why send a Fart By Mail?

A: Fart By Mail mail order farts are the most unique and convenient way to share a sentimental message. You won’t find a greeting card at Hallmark that makes fart sounds and stinks. A Fart By Mail is sure to be remembered.

Q: How do you send a Fart By Mail?

A: Sealed in a clear polyethylene envelope by first class mail. The odor is concealed under a vinyl peel off tab that can be removed by the recipient to reveal the foul fragrance on the card.

Q: How quickly will the order arrive?

A: We ship by USPS First Class mail from California. USPS estimates delivery in the USA to take 2-3 days. However, in our experience it actually takes 2-8 days depending on destination. During the holiday seasons delivery time may be doubled. USPS does not provide an estimate on delivery time for international orders; however, they usually take 1-2 weeks.

Q: Is there really a fart in a Fart By Mail?

A: As much as we would love to actually fart in an envelope, it is not possible. Our Stinkologists simply cannot fart enough to meet the supply demands of customers like you. Also, there would be way to much variation in odor and potency of regular farts.

Q: Is Fart By Mail safe?

A: Yes, Fart By Mail uses a natural non-toxic fart smelling formula to give each mail order fart an awful fragrance. Although it is safe to smell, it is so gross that it may cause some people to toss their cookies!

Q: How do I pay?

A: Use our online order form and follow the simple instructions to checkout. We accept Credit Cards and PayPal.

Q: Is my information safe?

A: Yes! We do not share your information with any third parties unless we get your permission. PayPal payment information is all processed securely through PayPal so we never see any of your banking information. Credit Card information is securely submitted to our payment provider

Q: Can I send this anonymously?

A: We no longer accept anonymous orders. The name on your Credit Card or PayPal account will appear in the card. We do this because so many people forget to sign their cards.

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